Monday, 24 February 2014

Pockets of air

I really like being with people. But to enjoying being with people and not feel overwhelmed I also need to spend time away from people. 

This time is my breathing space and lately I haven't been getting it.

 A lot of this time comes in transition space. The time I spend eating breakfast or cooking dinner, walking to the bus stop or on the bus itself. Since I moved in early January all of these spaces have been compromised frequently.

As an introvert I can find interacting with people draining particularly if its in a group. As an autistic person a lot of social interaction requires a crap load of concentration and mental energy to try and keep up and not make a fool of myself or accidentally offend folks. Both of these together contribute to me getting pretty tired and overwhelmed at times and mean that I need quiet space to cope with life and function effectively.

So at the moment a good day is as follows:
-Getting to eat breakfast when no one else is up or there at least aren't interruptions (15 minutes)
-Walking to and from the bus stop listening to music (25 minutes)
-Riding the bus to and from work without there being people I know onboard (40 minutes)
-Being able to cook dinner when I want to without lots of interruptions (20 minutes)
-Reading a few pages of a book, playing my guitar or writing (on the occasions it happens 30 minutes but worth at least 60)

Total - between one or two hours a day without frequent interruption. 

Value: sanity.