Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Someone was in the paper...


I am currently sitting on a bus part way between home and Sydney. I am on my way to speak at my first autism conference.

I'm really excited - but if I'm going to be completely honest I do have mixed emotions. I've knocked on many doors in the last year or two, and recently some of them have opened. Whilst this was always the aim - success still comes as a shock. I feel a sense of responsibility and want to do well in response to the faith others have shown in me.

I've always been motivated and ambitious - but that doesn't mean I'm an up-the-front person. My favourite place to be is in the middle of something, but I'm more than happy for someone else to be the public face of it. 

This leads me to ask myself why I do it.

I think the answer lies in my conviction. I care deeply about autism issues and seeing misguided stereotypes broken down and new opportunities and relationships built. I want autism to be in the public domain and in the media - if the tool I have to achieve that is my
own face and my own words then I am compelled to do so because my conviction runs deeper than my self-doubt and shyness.

Today is the start of the rest of life. I stand for a moment in anticipation of the future and run forth with open arms...