Thursday, 22 August 2013

Anthems for a brighter future

I've written some lyrics the past few weeks in response to APAC and Future Leaders. Particular reference to Michael Gillies-Smith's closing plenary on oneness and Ari Ne'eman's calls to a united Autistic voice and a place at the table of influence and change. You will also find a reference to Thomas Kuzma's Aspie Odyssey.


Speaking out and listening we find ourselves
We realise just how much we have in common
Learning to live and letting go of hiding
We won't hold back, we're proud of who we are

The reflection of your heart 
Is drawing me to you
Aa spectrum of colour
Aa spectrum of life
We celebrate diversity 
We're stronger together
We are running to a future where 
We're better than before

Old expectations are broken and surpassed
We will lead a future that's brighter than the past 
Building momentum on a path of growth and change
We will not be a generation that turns the other way


 Is it typical to try this
 Is it typical to hide 
Do we typically listen 
And learn from what's inside 

Do we open our perceptions 
Do we choose to let them change 
Do we choose to let life lead us 
So our future's not the same

Is it typical to wonder 
Is it typical to see 
That we're really not that different 
There's some you inside of me 

Is it typical to hold back 
Is it typical to fear 
Whether people will accept us 
Or will write us off as weird

I can learn from you 
And you can learn from me 
Let's fuel the things uniting us 
Embrace the odyssey


Open hands standing there 
Letting go of this atmosphere
Taking chances, living change
Seeking justice and finding strength

Hiding on the sidelines 
You will never see your worth
There's no safety in the waiting
There's a fire in your words
You can influence the mountain
You can make it through the storm
With a willing heart to guide you
You'll be better than before

Change their minds 
The future's bright


 Who we are, where we stand 
Let's find a heart that won't get scared 
Living out liberty 
The outcast will become the free

Tightrope waiting 
In the early morning sun 
I can't be the only one 
Who doesn't fit in here

Boxes trying 
To make something out of me 
I'll start fighting to become 
I want my identity


Light the sky with the pulse of a million dreams
While we search out the rhythm within ourselves
Can you hear the potential for unity
Have we lost it in all of the sound

Settle down, pick your stage, there's no reason to run
Run yourself off of a cliff's edge with all your zeal
Don't say to yourself who am I to be heard
There's a reason the future exists

Listen up, take a stand, we'll be counted this time
Take a risk, make a change, for the hope we share
We're all after something that looks like a better life
Combine our momentum unite for a future ignited
A path and a purpose that's bright

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